Monsters, Mayday & Mimi 

Monsters do exist.  They're not hiding under our beds.  They don't rise up out of the ocean breathing fire and stomping on our homes.  But they are real.  And they look just like you and me.  They keep dogs on chains.  They force them to fight.  They relish inflicting pain and suffering on innocent beings for sport and profit.  They were born without compassion.  
Harpo spent years chained in the woods surrounded by monsters, injured and in pain, suffering and witnessing the suffering and death of other dogs around him. 

The monsters damaged his body and spirit.  But, they did not change him.  Inside remained the loving, sweet, playful and affectionate dog he was born to be.  
When the property was set on fire, the first responders found Harpo and 64 other dogs.  Animal Rescue Corps was called in to help and immediately released Harpo and all of the other dogs from their lives of suffering, took them into loving arms and began the process of finding them long term homes with rescue partners.  When we saw Harpo's picture, we knew he was a Mayday dog.  ARC transported him to us and the long process of his healing began.  


Harpo had suffered a great deal.  His legs were severely damaged from repeated trauma.  He was emaciated, partially blind and covered in scars and pressure sores.  He had multiple surgeries to remove the crushed and calcified bone in his legs.  Titanium plates were installed to replace the lost bone.  The surgeries revealed a MRSA (antibiotic resistant) infection deep within his bone.  He received numerous powerful IV antibiotic treatments to combat the infection and he remains on oral medications today.  Over the last year, slowly but steadily, Harpo healed.  His legs became straight and strong.  He learned to trust and to love. He wagged his tail.  He ran and jumped and played.  And he realized that monsters would never come near him again. 

Harpo's story touched the hearts of many.  Hundreds donated to his recovery but one donor in particular touched our hearts.  Mimi.  
Mimi is the monster slayer.  

It is easy to focus on the monsters, to get angry, to wish them pain and suffering equal to what they inflict.  It is much harder to see the Mimi's and to understand that the Mimi's always win.  As rescuers, we are compassionate people.  We have a love for all living things.  We seek justice but not through suffering.  When we spew hatred and anger toward the monsters, we become monsters ourselves.  Harpo did not let the monsters change him.  And neither should we.  
This Thanksgiving we extend our immense gratitude to ARC, to all who touched the lives of these dogs and brought them to safety, to our donors and volunteers who helped to heal them, and to all of the Mimi's in the world who spread compassion over hate and who bring love and healing not just to Harpo but to the world. 

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